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Autoglym Premium Car Care products are highly respected around the world and proudly hold many important endorsements for exceptional performance and dependable quality. Autoglym are recommended by major motor manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Jaguar, Lotus, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz. Rolls Royce Motors Ltd have selected ten Autoglym products and distinctively packaged them under it's prestigious insignia.

Car Care Products
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Autoglym Trade Range
Wheel Cleaner Wheel Cleaner
For alloy, painted and plastic finishes. Rapidly removes brake dust, corrosion and trafffic film. Water based acidic detergent.
Trye Sheen Trye Sheen
Imparts an attractive "new" appearance to tyres and rubber parts. Suitable for use in car wash bay when tyres may be initially wet. Apply with brush or sponge.
Shampoo Conditioner Shampoo Conditioner
Concentrated neutral non-streak water based detergent with high gloss water repellant additives. Suitable for hand use or automatic wash machines.
Tar And Adhesive Remover Tar And Adhesive Remover
Removes contact adhesives and tar from trim and bodywork rapidly and safely.
Liquid Hardwax Liquid Hardwax
Ideal for protection of cars on open display. Formulated with tough synthetic resins and waxes. Imparts a brillant long-term finished. Weather resistant. For all types of car paintwork and metal trim.
Paint Renovator Paint Renovator
High speed haze and oxidation eliminator suitable for all paint types and use with Autoglym foam polishing pads.
Radiant Wax Polish Radiant Wax Polish
One step medium duty cream polish and sealant for all paint types.
Supersheen Supersheen
Cleans, shines and protects interior and exterior plastics, rubber and engine bay areas. Spray or wipe water based silicone emulsion.
Plastic Conditioner Plastic Conditioner
Cleans and revives colour of unpainted exterior plastics and rubber. Removes polish residues from textured plastics.
Autofresh Autofresh
Super concentrated perfume and deodorant for dilution with water and spray application to vehicle interior.
Glass Cleaner Glass Cleaner
Easy to use cream polish for complete removal of traffic film, insects, nicotine and plasticisers. Improves wiper action.
Window Clean Window Clean
For fast spray/wipe cleaning of glass, perspex and acrylic windows, plastics, ceramics and light paintwork cleaning.
PowerMax 3 PowerMax 3
NON-CAUSTIC. Multi-purpose and biodegradable. For the removal of traffic film, oil, grease and copolymer coatings.
Supreme Polish Supreme Polish
Speical coating technology restores finish and preserves paint, particularly dark colours and special finishes, in one operation. Use on all paint types including modern water based and high solid clear coat versions. Wash and dry vehicle if necessary. Apply to surface with a clean cotton cloth using a light circular motion. Increase pressure if necessary to remove fine scratches or oxidation. Allow polish to dry to haze.

Finally polish to a high lustre using a clean, dry cloth, turning it frequently.
Super-GLYM Polish Super-GLYM Polish
Formulated for new car preparation and new or buffed paintwork. Produces exceptional depth and clarity of gloss. Highly effective depth and clarity of gloss. Highly effective on soft paintwork and difficult colours, including darker shades and black. Outstanding on clear coats.


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